Love is Lovely in Unusual Places

February 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Love can be found in the strangest of places. Our society tends to stereotype Valentine’s Day as a day full of flowers, and jewelry, and fine dining. We set ourselves up for disappointment when the opposite sex doesn’t offer up the finest of gifts to present while professing their love, and shedding a tear all in the same day! I cannot say I saw any tears drop nor did I receive anything glittery. I did spend a beautiful day in south Florida. That was love in itself.

I would like you to know that my Valentine’s day was still a success. The morning was full of kisses, and the evening was flowers and a lovely meal. I should mention that the kisses came from a beautiful golden retriever who I assure you it was love at first sight when I walked in the door. He showed his undying affection with his slobbery licks and drool all over my face. I am a sucker for dogs. The flowers came from the gentleman at the deli after handing me my quarter pound of munster cheese. And the dinner, made in my very own temporary kitchen, was a delight. I listened to Florence + The Machine while singing and dancing and trying to figure out how to turn on the stove fan. I thought of all of my loved ones and wished they were with me but… I found love that will suffice in the mean time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



January 19, 2011 § 1 Comment


My adventure is about to begin. This blog is how I plan to share my experiences with you. It is here I will give a play by play of each tournament, share results and victories, display the creations of my downtime, and share with you the world around me wherever I am. I start on February 5th on my drive to Orlando, Florida. I’ll see you there!